Weber: the Contemporary West Spring/Summer 2023

Mystical owls battle for the nature of the Mississippi River and America’s soul.

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HEArt Online: Human Equity Through Art August 15, 2013

Inspired by Seth Eastman’s paintings, his Dakota wife Stands Sacred and Doctor Charles Eastman at Wounded Knee.

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Oyster River Pages, Issue 6.1

I worried for William’s soul. We got to the Mississippi, and a hoard of Oak Woman’s Winnebago relations met us, dressed for ceremony. A Winnebago warrior with a scarlet-painted chin planted an engraved stick on the bank of a creek-mouth, and Oak Woman talked dead-solemn, like the `tire world depended upon my listening.

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Pushcart Nomination: American Athenaeum, Front Porch Edition Spring 2013

The animals and birds danced inside the core of the Earth, scorching their feet on hot crusty rock, thirsting, chanting in the dark. They rested, and Thrasher heard the sea seep from the rim way above. He sang the song of two tiny warblers, those we call the prothonotaries today…

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Red-headed Woodpecker story in MINNPOST, November 2, 2021.

“Red-headed woodpeckers have declined 95% in Minnesota since 1970, the largest loss in any state or Canadian province…North America has lost 29% of its birds since 1970, according to a study published in the journal Science in 2019. The continent’s population has dropped by 2.9 billion adult birds…”

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Reviews of First Territory

In Whispering Wind Magazine and Old West Book Reviews

In 1855, 16-year-old Andrew Eaton agrees to the Washington territorial governor’s offer of five dollars of gold per day to act as interpreter at a mandated Walla Walla treaty council…

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From Richies river novel
The morning we’d found Heron Quill sweating and shivering in her bark house, I showed Spirit Moon a jar of quinine, the fever treatment all fur traders used in 1820. But she stared at my cedar stethoscope instead, as if it held some sacred power like the medicine stone…

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Wetlands Book Review – Wading Right In

April 18th, 2020 – Katy Haas

Ever dreamt of saving turtles squashed on highways? Of creating clean water and carbon sequestration? Of undoing the havoc humanity has wrought upon nature? Then read Wading Right In. It interprets…

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Wings of Native America

Western Birder 2/5/2001

If silent and void of activity, the sheer, pink rock wall of Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument might have been evocative enough…

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Of Murres and Men

High Country News November, 2002

Thirty thousand birds called common murres stand in penguin-like suits atop a single sea rock, crammed as tightly together as commuters on a bus. All drone tones…

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Bea’s Bench Trempealeau Refuge

Red-headed woodpeckers, Covid-19 – Wisconsin State Journal, April 19 2020

This commentary appeared in The Wisconsin State Journal, La Crosse Tribune, Winona Daily News and Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project Newsletter during spring 2020

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A Walk Through a Flood of Song

Breeding Bird Census, upper Mississippi River, Gloria Mundi Press, April 22 2003

In June in southern Minnesota, the pearly gloss of dawn creeps across the Mississippi about 4 a.m. A mile wide, the river easy slowly…

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Red-Shouldered Hawk

Birdwatcher’s Digest, January/February, 2004

The Stubby gray shape hung two or three inches over the edge of the nest of sticks and was absolutely motionless. The nest was deep in a floodplain forest…

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Wood Thrush Deep Woods Serenade

Birder’s World, June 1997

A sudden burst of notes leaped into the dusk, a flute-like “ee-o-lay” followed by a slower, bell-like trill. The song echoed against a steep hill across a creek…

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The Mississippi River Revival sponsored newspaper columns and winter walks, advocating for the protection of Aghaming Park and Preserve, 1,000+ acres of wetland (backwater) habitat used by the red-shouldered hawk and other declining wildlife species.

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The Mississippi River Revival sponsored newspaper columns and spring walks, advocating to protect Aghaming Park and Preserve, 1,000+ acres of wetland (backwater) habitat used by the red-shouldered hawk and other declining wildlife species.

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Bluff Traverse Input


The Winona Bird Club’s Conservation Committee thanks the City of Winona for commissioning the Bluffs Traverse Conservation and Recreation Area Natural Resources Management Plan…

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River Bird Blog

The frozen Mississippi readied itself to thunder.  A wailing whine rolled slowly from the direction of the Wisconsin bank, where cottonwoods 90-feet tall sometimes provided summer-nest habitat

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Prairie Island Input

Letter to City Council & Mayor, April 10th, 2021

We’d like to share information about Prairie Island Park and its exceptional biodiversity. We believe Prairie Island needs a conservation destination…

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Letter to Environmental Assessment Team of Great River Trail Extension of Flyway Trail 4-26-2022

Invasive thistle. Loss of buffer strips and visual shields for wildlife. Run-off, sedimentation. Loss of pollinator plants. Additional disturbance in a roadkill zone. Trail will lead wildlife to a roadkill zone. Regulating E-bikes.

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Rinehart’s Beach

Fall 2011. The Contemporary West

I shot the otter during the evening tide, and he thrashed in kelp, and when the moon finally rose, and he didn’t washup, I figured his mate had carried him like a pup…

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The Howls Behind the Waves

SNReview Summer/Spring 2013

I knew my mom died having me, but Auntie never said anything about my dad, and I about hoped out my heart, hoofing it beside the surf, expecting a letter from him. Every day the mail was due, I climbed Náah Rock and looked up the beach…

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Otter Jack

Gloria Mundi Press website 2002

Any other day Valerie came running through the stumps, knocking down fireweed and foxgloves, I would have thought a yardline had snapped or a rigger had fallen or some, new, chain saw had run itself across a faller’s leg…

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Bancroft Library listed Salvaging in Finding Aid to the Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies Records 1972-2012

A window crashed apart, and fire leaped through the shards, leaped up the frame, and I waited behind Auntie, watching through the doorway as little flames raced across the front-office floor, and she bent to her switchboard…

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Poydras Review Winter 2012

Keekwillie played behind a hanging mat, smelling camas cooking in sweet grass, the hunt in his head so real he didn’t hear the rain against the cedar-plank roof or the bustle outside. He pretended he was a spruce cone in the little canoe…

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So Hard Pull the Insides

Alligator Juniper Spring 2003 – Finalist, Alligator Juniper National Fiction Contest

Even though the salmon were coming like hell, and I was sliming like mad, I got a full look at her as she climbed the ladder to the gutting table. She turned out to be the most stoic beautiful woman I ever met–I was twenty-three…

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Spirit Birds

Some of Richie’s stories involve “spirit birds” who inspire characters and plots with wisdom and loveliness beyond the human world and beyond human perspectives. Story

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The One Above the Bottoms

Pushcart Nomination, Prick of the Spindle Magazine, Vol. 7.1, March 2013

The river this late afternoon seemed to prove Nathan right, and the pilots, log rafters and keelboat men wrong. Mid-April already, and the channel looked smooth from up at the cabin, glistening a muddy milk-brown, silvery-blue, sunny, rosy-toned…

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Eden Never Heard

Wilde Literary Journal Fall 2013

He knew of a bench of shoreline upriver in Minnesota Territory, a town-site opening, Sioux Prairie, and he said he needed men to preempt and hold claims until Congress ratified a treaty that would secure the Mississippi’s west bank from Dakota Indians.

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My Fancy and Fuss

Magazine of History and Fiction Issue 4 December 2019

The fog swallowed the Mississippi thick as a forge’s smoke, and silent as the slither of the serpent that led me to my fancy and fuss—Spirit Moon, Chief Rattling Wind’s daughter. One moment the river yawned before us, a trail of blue-gold sunlight calling me to the fur post I was to open one-hundred miles upriver…

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Thirty-First Bird Review, Summer 2010

Crane gnawed at the skin of a dead bat, sucked the bones and fur, and Tom and Huck shouted outside the door, and Crane did not know if the boys were real, beguiling him…

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Creator Bird

Raven Chronicles Vol. 13 No. 1 2007

As soon as the tide got low enough, I snuck away from Ma and Pa and the fish nets, and I crossed the mudflat and saw my creator bird. I climbed way up Oystercatcher’s rock and laid me down, and she bobbed frantic on her ledge beneath me, flashing flaming-red rim…

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Tide and Sorrow

Ginosko: between literary vision and spiritual realities Spring 2003

Though the World was very new, Raven watched the beach from a spruce that was old and dead, towering as bare as a bone atop a cliff. Raven knew hunger, and he felt lust, but no tide had washed the shore yet…

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How the World was Stolen

Mobius: The Journal of Social Change Winter 2003

Sun as she set toward the sea made the song inside him strong, but Tune was hard black rock, basalt, and his song did not come out. His member swelled for ten thousand years, stretching across the ocean…

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Cycle of Life: a novella

Falling in love with endangered lives

I leaned my bicycle against a big yellow backhoe, and flute notes whirred up the scale, airy and then musical and reedy and fast, ringing with the same frenzied chords…

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