Red-headed Woodpecker story in MINNPOST, November 2, 2021.

“Red-headed woodpeckers have declined 95% in Minnesota since 1970, the largest loss in any state or Canadian province…North America has lost 29% of its birds since 1970, according to a study published in the journal Science in 2019. The continent’s population has dropped by 2.9 billion adult birds…”

Bea’s Bench Trempealeau Refuge

Red-headed woodpeckers, Covid-19 – Wisconsin State Journal, April 19 2020

This commentary appeared in The Wisconsin State Journal, La Crosse Tribune, Winona Daily News and Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project Newsletter during spring 2020

A Walk Through a Flood of Song

Breeding Bird Census, upper Mississippi River, Gloria Mundi Press, April 22 2003

In June in southern Minnesota, the pearly gloss of dawn creeps across the Mississippi about 4 a.m. A mile wide, the river easy slowly…

Cerulean Warbler: Down But Not Out

Birder’s World – June 1998

The song came from the top of a cottonwood tree towering through a small gap in the dim, green light of the forest canopy…

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Birdwatcher’s Digest, January/February, 2004

The Stubby gray shape hung two or three inches over the edge of the nest of sticks and was absolutely motionless. The nest was deep in a floodplain forest…

Wood Thrush Deep Woods Serenade

Birder’s World, June 1997

A sudden burst of notes leaped into the dusk, a flute-like “ee-o-lay” followed by a slower, bell-like trill. The song echoed against a steep hill across a creek…


Story copyrighted by Big River Magazine, Pamela Eyden, All Rights Reserved

The preservation of Aghaming’s nature and Richie’s involvement, courtesy of Big River Magazine May-June 2018.


The Mississippi River Revival sponsored newspaper columns and spring walks, advocating to protect Aghaming Park and Preserve, 1,000+ acres of wetland (backwater) habitat used by the red-shouldered hawk and other declining wildlife species.