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Prothonotary Warbler photo, copyright by Bill Drazkowski


Red-headed Woodpecker story in MINNPOST, November 2, 2021.

“Red-headed woodpeckers have declined 95% in Minnesota since 1970, the largest loss in any state or Canadian province…North America has lost 29% of its birds since 1970, according to a study published in the journal Science in 2019. The continent’s population has dropped by 2.9 billion adult birds…”

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Reviews of First Territory

In Whispering Wind Magazine and Old West Book Reviews

In 1855, 16-year-old Andrew Eaton agrees to the Washington territorial governor’s offer of five dollars of gold per day to act as interpreter at a mandated Walla Walla treaty council…

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Wetlands Book Review – Wading Right In

April 18th, 2020 – Katy Haas

Ever dreamt of saving turtles squashed on highways? Of creating clean water and carbon sequestration? Of undoing the havoc humanity has wrought upon nature? Then read Wading Right In. It interprets…

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Wings of Native America

Western Birder 2/5/2001

If silent and void of activity, the sheer, pink rock wall of Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument might have been evocative enough…

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Of Murres and Men

High Country News November, 2002

Thirty thousand birds called common murres stand in penguin-like suits atop a single sea rock, crammed as tightly together as commuters on a bus. All drone tones…

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The Mississippi River Revival sponsored newspaper columns and spring walks, advocating to protect Aghaming Park and Preserve, 1,000+ acres of wetland (backwater) habitat used by the red-shouldered hawk and other declining wildlife species.

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