Short Stories from the upper Mississippi

Seth Eastman: Indians Traveling


Oyster River Pages, Issue 6.1

I worried for William’s soul. We got to the Mississippi, and a hoard of Oak Woman’s Winnebago relations met us, dressed for ceremony. A Winnebago warrior with a scarlet-painted chin planted an engraved stick on the bank of a creek-mouth, and Oak Woman talked dead-solemn, like the `tire world depended upon my listening.

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The One Above the Bottoms

Pushcart Nomination, Prick of the Spindle Magazine, Vol. 7.1, March 2013

The river this late afternoon seemed to prove Nathan right, and the pilots, log rafters and keelboat men wrong. Mid-April already, and the channel looked smooth from up at the cabin, glistening a muddy milk-brown, silvery-blue, sunny, rosy-toned…

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Eden Never Heard

Wilde Literary Journal Fall 2013

He knew of a bench of shoreline upriver in Minnesota Territory, a town-site opening, Sioux Prairie, and he said he needed men to preempt and hold claims until Congress ratified a treaty that would secure the Mississippi’s west bank from Dakota Indians.

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