Mississippi River Revival

Mississippi River Revival helps Richie Swanson advocate for endangered habitat and species at 1,000 acres of islands and other wetlands on the Upper Mississippi River. (See “River Bird Blog,” “River Revival Walks’ and “The Breeding Birds of Aghaming Park.”)

Since 1981, Mississippi River Revival and its volunteers have organized in-school education, in-habitat education, hands-on education, river cleanups, water-quality monitoring, mussel rescues, river outings for kids and citizens, interpretive nature walks, river-related art projects and festivals, also activities related to local agriculture and watersheds. We have engaged citizens and government agencies such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Upper Mississippi National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, Winona county, city of Winona, the Land Stewardship Program and Minnesota DNR in dialogues about the environment, including the protection of wildlife species and clean water for future generations. We have organized at the grassroots level to keep citizens involved in the democracy and decisions of crucial issues.

Contact: Mississippi River Revival PO Box 315 Winona MN 55987